Angel’s Envy

The Kimball office and the MBI team coordinated with Angels Envy and Joseph and Joseph Architects to create new office standards while maintaining a refreshed aesthetic with inspiration and brand development related to the Angel’s Envy product. The final design was successful by incorporating a wide breadth of offerings from Kimball Office that achieved flexibility, functionality and Brand Goals.
Prior to deciding the right product to utilize for their space, the team from Angel’s Envy, visited the Kimball Office showroom in Jasper, Indiana to review different product solutions and determine what products would work best from a functionality and design standpoint. Equally impressive and just as important as the product portfolio they reviewed was the quality and craftsmanship of the Kimball Office product. They liked that they could get such high quality product while easily staying within their budget. To top it off, they were extremely pleased to learn that the product from a local manufacturer in their “backyard” in Jasper and Salem, Indiana. It was important to them to support the local economy.

Kimball Office Priority desks and storage units paired with Wish chairs were utilized in all of the private offices. This combination of products provided a modern aesthetic, yet an extremely functional work area. Angel’s Envy incorporated an attractive form and generous sitting area in the side seating of their private offices, choosing Tucker to compliment this space.
For the majority of their employees, they utilized Xsite workstations which gave each user ample work space and still incorporated the privacy element each needed for more focused work. Footprint storage and Wish seating completed the solution which complimented Xsite perfectly while still giving users the storage space and seating comfort that was needed.

Dock and Bingo paired together nicely for the café area at Angel’s Envy. This combination offered a versatile grouping that was functional and adaptable to the specific area. Dock tables were also incorporated into the conference room at Angel’s Envy, rounding out this unique and historic space. Overall the project was a success by providing great craftsmanship through a local manufacturer.

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