The Client is Coming!

Posted 12 March 2018 / 1 minute read time

The client just called. He is in the neighborhood and thought he’d drop by to see how far you’ve gotten on his project. Nothing formal. Just a roll up your sleeves and kick around a few ideas meeting. You know, to help get the creative juices flowing.

And you think, “great”. But not the “yahoo” kind of great. The “oh #@&# the client is coming” kind of great. Because the whole time the client is talking to you, your eyes have been darting around your office space desperately searching for a spot for that kind of informal get-together.

If you do it at your personal workspace, you’ll spend the whole time worrying that your coworkers are listening in. The conference room has a nice table, but the space is way too impersonal for the collaborative melding of the minds your client is hoping for. And while your informal seating areas have the right atmosphere, they don’t have enough table space to really spread out your work without having papers constantly falling on the floor.

Well, the designers at Kimball must have experienced your plight. Because they’ve come up with the perfect solution. It’s the fiXt collection.

Featuring sturdy metal trusses topped with handsome butcher block tops of walnut, oak, cherry, maple, or plywood, fiXt adds an urban element to your workplace environment. While at the same time helping you define a space for those impromptu, informal meetings or work sessions.

And when it’s not in use, fiXt’s modern design helps it stand out like a piece of art rather than stick out like a sore thumb.
In addition to worktables, the fiXt collection also offers beautifully upholstered stools and benches for seating. Plus occasional tables and bookcases in a range of sizes, heights, and frame colors that will fit perfectly into any office design or color palette.

With the fiXt collection, you’ll have the perfect place to bring your client or coworkers when they want to roll up their sleeves and collaborate with you

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