Tax Break Money Can Refresh Your Space

Posted 13 April 2018 / 1 minute read time

After overcoming the shock that your business really got a tax break, what do you do?

You already gave employees bonuses or pay raises, and hired new people to fill all those positions you kept vacant due to a hiring freeze. You reinvested money back into your company for R&D or other programs and even added a few new perks to your employee benefits.

So what else is there to do? To answer that question, take a walk around your workplace.

Does your reception area look like it belongs in a 1980’s sitcom? When visitors walk through your space will they see furniture choices that reflect the uniqueness and vibrancy of your company’s brand, or something that would seem more appropriate with a typewriter and a dial phone?

Speaking of typewriters and dial phones, a lot has changed in the way people work. Today, they collaborate and work together rather than in silos. They use mobile devices to gather information and communicate. And they don’t stay at their desks to get their job done. So has your space adapted to your employees’ work style or are your employees spending their time trying to adapt to your space?

Refreshing an office space isn’t always at the top of the corporate to-do list and we understand it is difficult for most companies to find the money to do it. But if you have some extra money left over from your corporate tax savings, here are a few simple furniture changes you can make that will help give your space a fresh, new look.

We hope this inspires you to use some of that tax break money to refresh your space with new office furniture. We have a feeling your employees are hoping it will, too.

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