Shift the Experience in Healthcare

Posted 23 October 2018 / Less than a minute read time

In most medical facilities, the problem with their waiting rooms is the fact that they actually expect you to wait in them. The seating is uncomfortable, there is no place for private conversations, and there’s a constant battle among the visitors for the few plugs available to recharge their devices.
Considering how many hours or days, visitors spend in environments where you wait, Kimball Health looked at a new approach to rethink the built environment around waiting. Instead of providing a typical space to wait; the approach was to foster conversation, create adaptability and flexibility in an environment, enhance a sense of privacy when necessary and mostly provide a space that offers the comfort and amenities that put patients and families first. In other words, shifting the experience in healthcare.

Introducing Pairings Health, designed by pL-D for Kimball Health.
Pairings Health offers a variety of seating concepts that can be transformed to meet the needs of patients and families. It can offer privacy for delicate conversations, or the perfect seating arrangement to make sure no one visiting with a large group feels left out. Plus, with its built-in connections, Pairings Health helps visitors stay connected.

Healthcare is not defined by one age group or one style of person, but embraces everyone during any moment through care. Pairings Health gives patients, family and caregivers the opportunity to enhance their experience which in turn enhances the delivery of care.

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