With work patterns changing and evolving, furniture needs to adapt to business needs. Jetty:Mod is a modular collection of sofa seating, interconnecting tables, screens, and accessories that supports individual and group activities while optimizing user posture and comfort. Jetty:Mod is modern, modular, and can be modified to fit whatever the user experience requires.

Activity Specific

Jetty:Mod offers separate work and lounge seating models with different seat heights and depths to enable a variety of work modes and user postures. We call this concept Work Geometry.

Application Flexibility

Guest seating in private offices, overflow seating in conference rooms, lounge seating in reception, work seating in collaborative areas, Jetty:Mod works across the entire floorplan.

Extend The Functionality

Features like tables and screens, arm and bolster options, coat hanger, and easy-access power allow you to accessorize Jetty:Mod