Fit Panel System

The Fit Panel System offers a number of designs for private offices, collaborative stations, open plan environments, reception, and conferencing, the possibilities are endless.

More with Less

Get more from your square footage with Fit Panel System. The lean footprint, minimalist component design, and flexible configuration options mean maximizing functionality in any workplace. The versatility of Fit components creates integrated worksettings that efficiently manage technology and adapt to a variety of workstyles.​

Fit panel system personal desk

First and Last Impressions

A fit reception configuration reflects a millwork aesthetic to make a style statement for an impressive welcome experience and also provides all the functionality needed for an effective workspace.

Boston fit panel system office


Fit For today

Fit frameless, hard surface laminate products that deliver versatility and superior features. The popular appetite for a clean, minimalist aesthetic is a great match for a new light-scale panel system.