Kimball Health Center

Posted 8 August 2019 / 2 minutes read time

Kimball Health partnered with CareATC to create a convenient, near-site health center providing access to all employees, spouses and dependent children ages two to 26. CareATC is a population health management company that empowers and inspires patients to be healthier, happier employees all while reducing their healthcare spend. Lisa Day, Benefits and Wellness Specialist for Kimball International stated, “We find several employees do not have a primary care provider. As a result, they were going to urgent care or the ER to get basic acute care. This resulted in the lack of continuity of care where a provider was able to establish a relationship with the employee/patient and help them appropriately manage their overall health.”

With a pharmacy mini-dispensary and labs on-site, CareATC’s main goal is to simplify the healthcare experience. At the Kimball International Health Center, patients experience minimal wait times, extending their time with the medical providers. Providers place emphasis on risk factors and total health, along with integrated and coordinated care. The longer, more individualized appointments strengthen patient-provider relationships and increase genuine patient accountability. The result is powerful provider loyalty and higher utilization. “When they visit our health center, they will be seen with a short wait time. It is appointment only; our waiting room is small for that reason. They know when they come in the door they’ll immediately be treated and receive one-on-one focused care,” stated Day.
With CareATC’s proven programs and technology to create an exciting wellness culture for the company, they were excited to partner with Kimball to fully furnish the space with their products. The end result is a facility equipped with two exam rooms, a lab room, consulting space, triage area and much more. With a neutral color palette mixed with splashes of muted cool colors and warm wood tones, the clinic provides a sense of warmth and calming throughout the entirety of the space. Different configurations of Alterna are found in several rooms along with Alpine, Joelle, Pep, Footprint, Wish, Dock, Joya and more. These healthcare product solutions provide comfort and functionality while supporting caregivers in providing the highest level of patient care. The lobby is complete with Spruce guest chairs along with a bariatric option. In one of the exam rooms you will find Kimball patient recliner, Meadow. Meadow is equipped with features to accommodate a wide variety of treatment services and is designed to fit all patient body types and sizes. Wilder sits in the consulting space providing a sense of warmth and sophistication.
“It’s no accident that the location is convenient to employees and their families, and that the space is designed to be calming and modern. The clinic design process is based very little on opinion or taste; it is instead based on empirical evidence that enhances the patient experience and health outcomes. In the healthcare industry this process is known as evidence-based design. This leads to a reduction in anxiety and an increased perception of value,” stated Simon Abbott, Vice President of Business Development at CareATC.

Items that are featured in this project are all of the casework (alterna), seating (Wilder and Greer), and desks. Links to some of the main products below: https://www.kimball.com/furniture/seating/greer/ https://www.kimball.com/furniture/alterna/ https://www.kimball.com/furniture/seating/wilder/

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