Helio Elevates and Enhances Employee Experience

Posted 14 February 2019 / 1 minute read time

Light. Air. Positive Energy. Three elements we crave more of when it comes to work environments and the employee experience. Research has shown that greater exposure to natural light increases creativity, communication and happiness. When it comes to daylight, views of nature, and the color of your surroundings, minimizing their visual disruption is essential for flow and well-being.

Understanding the considerable impact these things have on performance and well-being, it was important for Kimball to develop a seating solution that provided unfettered access to these elements. But why design a chair specifically to optimize its environment? By allowing the focus to be on its surroundings, comfort and well-being can be elevated and enhance the employee experience.

That’s why the Kimball team took a different design approach with their new seating addition, Helio. Rather than framing it to be a focal point, we’ve created that perfect balance of visual continuity and personal comfort by designing Helio to blend harmoniously with its surroundings.

Helio’s design features a light scale, neutral palette, and seamlessly integrated controls to provide less visual distraction and promote design harmony. And because Helio can be used in a variety of settings, it creates cohesion, flow, and unity throughout an entire workspace.

With this newest product introduction we at Munson Business Interiors feel that it gives us a great solution for clients who are looking for a simple yet beautiful chair. Because employee experience is so important to us this chair helps to bring design, comfort, and transparency to the workplace.

Learn all about Helio and build your dream model here: https://www.kimball.com/furniture/seating/helio/

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