Covid Workplace Ideas

Posted 12 June 2020 / 1 minute read time

Looking for safe ideas for the new Covid workplace so you can return your workforce to the office? Below are several galleries to give you ideas of what you can do with existing product or new product to make the office a safe space!

Adding to existing furniture is the most temporary and cost efficient way to make your workplace safe. The products that can be added are panel mounted screens (mount on several different panels), free standing panels, mobile marker boards, and desk mounted screens. See in the below gallery for some ideas:

Of course there might be some circumstances where the best option is to provide your employees with new furniture that can give them the most amount of security in the workplace. Taking temperatures, masks, signs and reminding people to be conscientious of others in the workplace are great steps to make employees feel safe.

If you are wondering what you can do about a waiting room or lobby, here are some furniture ideas that provide separation and space between patients or guests. The best way to keep these areas safe is by providing tall screens for separation and make sure that people are not sitting next to each other or facing the same direction. Simply by turning furniture it can provide a great amount of safety.

As we navigate through this tough time, please know that MBI is here to provide support and design ideas that are tailored to your needs. The covid workplace is a thing of the now but we want to make sure you are not only prepared for the now but also the future.

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