Collaboration Supported by Pairings Nook

Posted 8 March 2019 / 1 minute read time

Kimball has just introduced their newest addition to the Pairings line: Pairings Nook. The Pairings Nook offers unique applications to divide space while supporting collaboration. Whether it is providing privacy or a space for casual conversation, the Pairings Nook includes worksurface extensions off the Nook, storage, markerboards and monitors for a complete interactive solution.

Also new to the product line is the wood leg. The wood leg gives a softer feel and has mid century modern vibes that is very in trend. The pairings collection is a family of components that can be crafted together to create supportive workspaces. This new solution will be great for clients who want to foster collaboration and innovation amongst their workforce.

We are seeing use of this type of furniture in the middle of workstations or benching which can get monotonous with workstation after workstation . This set up provides a dual purpose, the first being employees have an option to break away within their own space without having to go in to a meeting room and the second being that it helps to soften up a row of workstations . These soft seating meeting spaces also allow for a different meeting feel, being one that is more relaxed. This can lead to deeper conversations and employees feeling more comfortable to open up. Employees are no longer looking for a desk to go sit in but are focusing on the experience that their workspace gives them.

Go to Kimball’s website to view more pictures and typicals of how you can use Pairings Nook in your space to give employees options when collaborating. https://www.kimball.com/furniture/pairings/

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