Can having the proper workspace be an advantage?

Posted 15 August 2018 / 1 minute read time

Can having the proper workspace actually give your business a competitive advantage?

According to the Young Presidents Organization, the answer is, yes. In a recent study, their members agreed that creativity is essential to thrive in today’s shifting business environment. 90% of those who responded also believed that new technology and actual physical space are necessary to foster that creativity.

This is not a new revelation. In fact, a study done all the way back in 1987 about the qualities of the work environment and how it influenced creativity emphasized the importance of sufficient resources, including facilities and equipment.
So why is creativity so important to a business? Because it’s creative thinking that helps a company solve problems. Think about it. It was creative thinking that helped Henry Ford come up with the assembly line to solve the problem of automobiles being too expensive for the masses. And it was creative thinking that helped Apple solve the problem of how to make home computing affordable.

Today, in many office environments, the atmosphere isn’t really conducive to that kind of outside-the-box thinking. Especially when many of their employees are still made to sit inside a box. The same box they sat in yesterday, and the day before that. It’s this sameness in employee workspace that contributes to the sameness of employee ideas.

So how do you reenergize your employees’ creativity? One way is to give them more freedom. Allow them to work at their usual spot when they want to. But also, give them other workspace options when they don’t. Create lounge areas where they can gather as small groups to brainstorm or hold meetings. Offer smaller, more secluded workspaces for one or two people when they need a more private work setting. And completely enclosed areas where they can go to handle personal issues. Just make sure every spot you create is technology friendly. So they can plug in as they plug away at the job at hand.

Will changing your company’s work environment help you come up with the next big breakthrough? Maybe. But even if it doesn’t, it will make your employees feel a lot better about working for you.

If you’d like to rethink your workspace but don’t know where to start. Contact Munson Business Interiors and we’ll be glad to help.

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