Bringing Balance and Comfort to the Workplace

Posted 13 February 2020 / 2 minutes read time

Balance provides a sense of comfort. This is why we feel the most comfortable when our lives are in balance. One way to start achieving that comfort is to strive for balance in the spaces we spend most of our time – our homes and workspaces. If we want more balance in our lives, let’s create more balance in our environments.

Designers Pam Light and John Duffy of pL-D used these themes as their inspiration in designing Nate & Natty, their latest seating collection for Kimball. They wanted to create an adaptable seating solution that provided balance and comfort, while being versatile and intentionally simplistic in form.

A friendly family of seating, Nate & Natty includes small-scale side chairs, a larger scale conference chair, and coordinating stools available with or without arms in a range of base and upholstery options. Designed to soften the experience, Nate & Natty blends appealing style with comfort and versatility.

As real estate continues to diminish in the workplace, it was also important for Pam and John to provide a lighter footprint without sacrificing comfort. “John kept the arm cut back so you have the ability to change positions in the chair and, even though it’s a small scale, it gives you lots of space,” Pam shared.

Leaning towards a residential design, but doing so gracefully, was the preface for the concept of the collection. Nate & Natty is intentionally simple, yet still vibrantly enhances a space.

“The forms are intentionally simple,” John added. “To see a product on its own, you can critique it for its individual values and components, but when you put a bunch of them in a room, they really have to support the room. They’re subordinate to the room, the room is subordinate to the building. So we kept this collection purposefully simple so it would really enhance the space more than detract.”

Another key element of the design was versatility. Nate & Natty provides a versatile design palette that builds the perfect atmosphere. This complete family of seating features a robust offering of configuration and material options. Mixing of textiles is encouraged to create interesting blocks of color and bring character to the space. The addition of contrasting stitching shows that every detail has been considered.

“I was tired of walking by glass conference rooms and all you’re seeing is this black mesh on all the chairs and then you see the edge of the table, and it was just relentless,” Pam revealed. “So the ability to put a pattern or color, and the ability to change it around with something in the inside and something else on the outside, made a whole difference in the room. I didn’t have to buy expensive wall coverings or other things that go with the space.”

The ability to offer mix of materials, textures and colors make Nate & Natty a lively offering with a fresh approach to standard seating. Whether a side chair, counter or bar height stool, Nate & Natty can dress up a room with fun colors and different base options. Small scale and luxurious, this collection is sure to a make a lasting impression.

Hear more from Pam and John in our WorkYourWay Podcast and learn all about Nate & Natty at https://www.kimball.com/furniture/seating/nate-natty/.

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