Additions to Kimball Portfolio: David Edward by Kimball

Posted 24 March 2020 / 2 minutes read time

The Next Chapter of the Iconic David Edward Brand

American businessman and entrepreneur, James Cash Penney once said, “Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” Today, we embark on an exciting journey of growth that is the result of two leading furniture companies bringing generations of quality, experience, and family roots together.

For over 55 years, David Edward has been a recognized design leader with a reputation for high-end designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and integrity of product. But what most may not know is that David Edward started as a small company that few had ever heard of. It was the dream of Edward Pitts, an entrepreneurial spirit with a bright mind and unwavering work ethic who wanted to make his best contribution to society and provide for both his customers and his employees. A vision similar to that of Kimball International founder, Arnold Habig.

n 1950, Arnold Habig purchased a struggling manufacturing company. In 1963, Edward Pitts purchased the assets of a bankrupted furniture manufacturing company. On foundations of hard work and family values, both continued to grow their successful businesses for decades.

Journeying through pianos, electronics, home and office furniture, Kimball maintained a high standard for craftsmanship and expertly executed manufacturing and distribution processes. David Edward—possessing the same high standards for craftsmanship—refined their focus to creating high-end, statement pieces designed to appeal to architects and designers.

Their paths crossed when Kimball acquired David Edward in 2018. For Kimball, this supplements a robust furniture offering with signature pieces born of designer partnerships spanning the globe. As a part of Kimball, the David Edward brand not only benefits from world-class marketing, business, and manufacturing processes, but also experiences a noticeable aesthetic transformation by integrating into environments with the full Kimball product line. Through this partnership, Kimball and David Edward have been able to leverage unique strengths from both businesses to create a united path for the future.

Today, the legacies that began over a half-century ago are honored with the debut of the David Edward Collection by Kimball®. This brand evolution includes a focus for David Edward to reach higher levels of growth while staying true to the reputation for iconic, expressive furnishings. Craftsmanship still reigns supreme, with the best of the founders’ ideologies guiding the brand to the next exciting era.

Leaning on Kimball’s decades of refining and perfecting manufacturing processes, the David Edward Collection by Kimball is able to fixate on what David Edward has always done best: delivering interior designers and architects with original, quality pieces designed to inspire sensational interactions in unexpected places.

With Kimball as the backbone, pieces in the David Edward Collection will experience an unparalleled level of commitment to refining the particulars, and an elevated touch of ingenuity worthy of such design artistry. Iconic style meets sensible craftsmanship in this culmination of 125 years of quality and experience. It’s time to expect a new unexpected.

Experience the David Edward Collection by Kimball by visiting DavidEdward.com.

See several of the new items in the gallery below! We believe that these new additions will be great for commercial areas seating as well as healthcare!

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