October 21, 2015

Product Runway is a spin-off of the ever popular television show, Project Runway. The principles are the same; garments are created and presented in the form of a fashion show, and then judged based on craftsmanship and creativity. Product Runway is put on by the International Interior Design Association and is held every 2 years in various locations. The objective of this event is to further the Interior Design profession in all facets.

The local design community, including students, partner with sponsors and work together to create a high fashion garment using the materials that their sponsors specialize in. These fashions are assembled out of materials such as wallcovering, carpet, tile and commercial office furnishings.

The theme for this year’s show was Color. Every team was assigned a unique PPG paint color and was given the mission of constructing an outfit that not only incorporated their color, but also referenced the name of their color. MBI & Kimball Office partnered with the U of L design students, and was given the color ‘Electric Blue’. Since MBI specializes in office furnishings, we used materials such as seating upholstery, tackboard fabric, and systems electrical components. The U of L students produced a one of a kind look and our model lit up the runway.

This year, IIDA affiliated with Uspiritus: a non-profit organization that helps at risk and abused children. A portion of the proceeds from this event helped children served by Uspiritus all over Kentucky who need intensive support to overcome the effects of abuse, neglect, homelessness or other family crisis.

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