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    New Kimball Office Line

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    Creating Commercial Furniture Solutions for Over 20 Years

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    Wonderful & Expansive Showcase of Office Furniture

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    A Positive Experience for Both Employees & Customers

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    Leading Purveyor of Office Furniture

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    We Furnish Your Success!


Munson Business Interiors is a leading purveyor of office furniture selected and designed to improve both functionality and productivity for our client office spaces. Our Interior Design and Space Planning Department emphasizes solutions that enhance company image and create a positive experience for both employees and customers. We are proud of our record of on time, on budget delivery in the office furniture category. Our core lines of office furniture manufacturers include Kimball Office, National and Hon office furniture. Over the past 25+ years, we have excelled at creating commercial furniture solutions for the Corporate sector, Government, Healthcare, and Education markets. We provide open office, cubicles, benching, ergonomic seating, lateral files, moveable walls, and desks. Munson Business Interiors has a wonderful and expansive Showroom of office furniture- come see us!


  • Kimball Office Headquarters Tour

    Kimball Office Headquarters Tour
  • Observation is the Key

    Observation is the Key
  • Think Necessity, Not Accessory

    Think Necessity, Not Accessory
  • The Individual Matters

    The Individual Matters
  • The Office is Here to Stay

    The Office is Here to Stay
  • Strength Finder's Workshop

    Strength Finder’s Workshop
  • Calypso Blue

    Calypso Blue
  • Take a Break

    Take a Break
  • Bringing Nature Indoors

    Bringing Nature Indoors
  • Trending: Less is More with Side Tables

    Trending: Less is More with Side Tables

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    Opened: April 1, 1986
    Hours: Mon - Fri: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
    2307 River Road Louisville Kentucky 40206
    Phone: (502) 589-1236
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