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No one loves a trip to the doctor’s office or hospital, but a waiting room design specially engineered to promote comfort and warmth can make all the difference for patients. At MBI, we’re skilled in medical office reception area design and the creation of waiting rooms that are comfortable, easy to clean and accessible. We’re…

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In the financial services industry, building trust with your clients is key, and that relationship starts as soon as they walk through the door. To project the image of success and stability that customers need to see to feel comfortable, the interior design of a financial institution needs to fit the bill. At MBI, we’re…

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At Munson Business Interiors, when we create a customized classroom setup, we integrate innovative ideas that support the future of learning. We take the education of our youth very seriously, and in our eyes, it’s a student’s job to learn. We make that possible by working to incorporate technology, form and function into classroom designs…

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Munson Business Interiors is proud to have been awarded our own GSA contract number. We have several lines on our packaged office contract and are considered a women owned small business. MBI does work all over the country to supply furnishings for end users. Our experience and maintenance of both product and process knowledge allows…

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At MBI, we specialize in integrating a company’s brand identity and culture into the workspace to help employees accomplish projected goals and increase productivity. Simply put, we positively affect workplace culture through intentional and creative interior design solutions. While we sell furniture solutions to meet the needs of corporate establishments across the region, we’re first…

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Call Center

At MBI, we can help call centers function optimally by creating the ideal call center layout depending on the company’s capacity and productivity. As experts in interior design solutions, we’re always paying close attention to the latest call center design trends and call center stations. There are several trends that we have researched for call…

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