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Posted 19 March 2018 / Less than a minute read time

Can Natural Light Affect Productivity in the Office?

Believe it or not, windows play a big role in an employee’s satisfaction with a workspace. That’s because lighting doesn’t just affect how well we are able to see, it also affects our mood and behavior. But while it‘s true that natural light can result in happier workers, less absenteeism, reduced stress, and fewer illnesses,…

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Posted 4 March 2015 / 1 minute read time

Think Necessity, Not Accessory

There are two main types of lighting in an office environment. There is ambient lighting (general lighting) and task lighting (direct, personal lighting). Both types are important in a space, but one has been unknowingly avoided. Personal task lighting has been commonly mistaken as a desk accessory, when really it is a tool that can…

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