April 28, 2015

Too often, flooring is the last material selected for a space. Flooring can easily be ignored or overlooked. This is especially true when it comes to corporate projects.

Flooring is an important element to any room design. It can be the neutralizer that ties everything together, or it can be the star player that makes a statement in the space. When developing a palette for a project, that’s the perfect opportunity to incorporate not only the recognizable colors of the client’s brand, but also the emotions that the brand evokes. Flooring plays a huge role in conveying energy and happiness throughout a space. It also serves a secondary function of zoning different areas or pathways throughout a space and creating a scale within a large footprint.

Next time you’re redoing a space, begin with a bold flooring application and let that be the inspiration for the rest of your project. Instead of just choosing a solid beige or gray, use bright accent colors that really make your space pop!

Take a look at some of MBI’s latest attention grabbing floor designs.

mbi flooring 1

mbi flooring 2

mbi flooring 3

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